Jewelery care

Like the paintings need of care and protection, take care of jewelry and will bring it with you throughout your life.

With these small details, your jewelry will remain bright and beautiful

  • Afterwards applying cosmetics and perfumes, it’s preferred to wait a few minutes before you wear the jewelry;
  • After you have worn Meaornamenta jewelery, polish it with a soft fabric;
  • Put the cameo Meaornamenta in its own box to avoid scratching;
  • Do not leave Meaornamenta jewels exposed to chemical products, avoid wearing them during activities that involve the use;
  • Avoid wearing Meaornamenta jewels during work out activities;
  • Be careful to remove any residual using a soft brush and not a sharp and hard objects;
  • Diamonds are very delicate but you can treat them with a soft brush and warm water. If it necessary you can use a mild detergent, and then rinse it with water;
  • Bronze and silver are materials that in contact with air, atmospheric agents and skin p.h. can be subjected to oxidation, assuming various “colors and shades of color.”